In my work, I am committed to the following principles:

I focus on empowerment.

Tailored seminars, training and specific tools for risk self-assessment and establishing organizational compliance (e.g. checklists, guidelines handbooks), often developed jointly with my clients, form part of my core activities. 

This is also where my contribution as certified mediation comes in: The aim is to find solutions to a conflict which are both sustainable and mutually satisfying. A mediator helps with the setting and walks the parties through the different stages of this process.

Information: The title "certified mediator", as per the German ordonnance on mediators' formation ("Mediations-Ausbildungsverordnung"), in force since 1 September 2017, is reserved to mediators with an in-depth training (at least 120 contact hours), with continuous case and supervision experience; ongoing training courses are mandatory.


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